human-centered Organizational Governance


Watch a wide array of movies and clips related to human-centered Organizational Governance. Some of them are presented by authors, public speakers and scientists, others by film makers. They are all thought-provoking and inspiring, some are very entertaining, too. All of them are presented here to give you visual impression of the necessity for organizational innovation and re-humanized work spaces, world wide. Watch them to get some more insights and inspiration!

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Hack Management
Hack Management
How to Transform Your Company Culture and Attract Brilliant Talent and Grow Like Crazy
Building a Formidable Brand
Economy for the Common Good
Why work doesn’t happen at work
Management MUST Be Reinvented
Reinventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment
Zappos Company Culture
Building a Formidable Brand
Stanford Commencement Address
Steve Jobs explains the rules for success
How to Transform Your Company Culture and Attract Brilliant Talent and Grow Like Crazy
Reinventing Organizations
On a New Management Paradigm
Reinventing Organizations and Integral Life
Designing for Generosity
Change the Rules of the Game. TEDxMaastricht
The puzzle of motivation
Do Schools kill creativity? TED
Bring on the learning revolution!
What is Holacracy?
Holacracy Introduction Webinar
The Essence of Theory U and Presencing
From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies
Visualizing a Plenitude Economy
Interview with Ricardo Semler
How to run a company with (almost) no rules. TED
The Role of Human Nature in Economics. IdeasLab 2014
Caring Economics. IdeasLab 2014
About Time - 21 hours
The Impossible Hamster
Deux Jours, une Nuit (Two Days, one Night)
Modern Times. Full Documentary
Powers of Ten
Powers of Ten
The New State of Mind – Cultural Change in Economic Life
Org Physics – explained. How structures work, how they interact, what this means for organizational effectiveness
RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
A Brief Introduction to Classic Sociocracy
New Heroes Episode 1: Dreams of Sanctuary
New Heroes Episode 2: Technology of Freedom
New Heroes Episode 3: Power of Enterprise
New Heroes Episode 4: The Power of Knowledge
Changing Education Paradigms. RSA Animate
The Blue Economy
Gross National Happiness
The Balance