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“You never change things
by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model
- Buckminster Fuller

Become a 21st-century human-centered Organizational Governance pioneer by choosing and realizing activities from the hcOrG source list dedicated to co-create human, meaningful and life-giving work, workspaces and communities all over the world.

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea
whose time has come.” - Victor Hugo


hcOrG promotes a new language, new terms, new distinctions to express the changes that are emerging and want to be described

The hcOrG concept and initiative has emerged out of the intention to develop a checklist of 50-100 activities for more gender-friendly workplaces. The file continued growing into two entirely new source lists which currently contain over 2.000 concrete activities for flourishing and healthy work.

You are invited to choose, use, adapt, and tailor these activities to improve and transform your team and your organization so it’s both fitter for the future and for human-beings.

Read more about the hcOrG initiative here.

Two lists containing a vast variety of activities you can choose from and realize right away. Sometimes information is added to further explain an idea.

It’s like a kaleidoscopic array of pixels of action-oriented ideas and inspirations. A source code you can use to design your organization’s own tailor-made governance system.

Formulated in a generative, constructive language about what to do potentially, containing information about what NOT to do only if seems to be important to highlight this too.

governance system
that is significantly
better than the traditional management system is worth realizing it.

Transformation alert

How it works



the activities.

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the activities you aim to realize in your team or organization by answering both the source lists.


by your results and visualizations online to support your further goal setting, prioritization, planning and implementation of activities.


the activities successfully together with your team, ideally supported by a like-minded
consultant, coach or facilitator, if you like, by using hcOrG materials.


If you are a team member, HR responsible, leader, entrepreneur, owner of an organization, consultant or other interested person…

and you are interested in further improving a traditional organization to be a more human-friendly workplace and actively contributing to the economic integration of women, the source list hcOrG-blue is for you:


ca. 3h

734 activities
ca. 5 hours

and you are eager to further co-create a decentralized and co-governed organization to bring humanity back to the workspace, the hcOrG-teal source list is for you:


ca. 5h

1656 activities
ca. 11 hours


The goal of the source lists and the hcOrG initiative is for you to use them and the materials on your own, together with your team, if you wish supported by an external consultant, coach and facilitator.

Find a multitude of materials published under the Creative Commons license as downloads. Have a look at the library, cinema and the pioneering organizations leading the path by clicking on these icons =>

Join and share the additional social media services to stay updated and contribute actively to an inspiring Community of Practice.

Contact me
if you are a
consultant, coach or facilitator and interested in cooperating.

The joy of giving

is gift economy in action.

The source lists and tools are provided open source with the intention that they are used as widely as possible.

Value the benefit the two source lists and all the tools and resources have for you and if you like, give what feels right.

Your financial contribution will support me in continuing promoting the workspaces of the future.

Here to support!

If you feel that my expertise could be beneficial for you, feel invited to contact me for:

    • Speaking on human-centered Organizational Governance for individuals, teams, leaders, entrepreneurs, business associations, universities, and more.
    • FACILITATING training workshops on human-centered Organizational Governance.
    • CONSULTING in human-centered Organizational Governance and the related transformation processes.

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There is something in the air… As any other creative process, the hcOrG concept and initiative builds on the shoulders of many other persons all over the world dedicating their contributions to improving, reforming and transforming the way we work and govern organizations.